A bit About me

I started my life nestled in the hills of Wales on a small farm, my parents were looking to offer their children a different start in life with an emphasis on a way of life incorporating nature, health, and wellbeing. Which continued in a move to south Devon to send myself and siblings to a Rudolf Steiner school.

With all the best intentions at times there are rude awakenings and challenges for us all in different ways. Some we have no choice about and others we can walk into blindly, unaware of the consequences. For myself I found art offered a sanctuary for me at these times and has remained an important part of my life.

I later studied a Fine Art degree in Bath Spa University, which lead me onto London for the adventure of painting and working several jobs to paint, it was a very colourful and exciting time.

I seem to have done a full circle, after working in various cities and travelling, I chose to move to North Devon 14 years ago to bring up my children in and around nature. I hold nature as a key ingredient to my life offering a constant security and sense of connection.

I decided to retrain in the therapy world at this time, finding the trials and tribulations of working artist lifestyle isolating and compromising. My initial idea of bringing together art and therapy wasn’t possible in terms of geography and family life. I wanted to explore the qualities art could offer therapeutically and not a commercial function. This led me to Tower House counselling course and so my journey began.

Through that journey I found I could integrate my creative self into my practice and continue to do so with trainings and areas of work I have chosen to specialise in. I do believe we all have the capacity for change and deserve a chance to find what we need in life, and this is also my journey which I choose to walk towards.

Throughout my life I have been fortunate to experience of meeting, working with, friendships/family and across cultures through travelling and working in a multitude of jobs over the years. I have always had a fascination of who we are and what shapes our lives to mould create our sense of ‘self’ this I believe led me to exploring the world of counselling psychotherapy.


what i offer to you



What I offer to you as a client is, my commitment to you and your wellbeing, as we work together to achieve what you need from therapy. I will hold a secure and compassionate space to enable the therapeutic process holding you and your individual process central to the relationship.

To achieve this, I choose to regularly undertake trainings to keep my practice up to date offering you high quality, neuroscientific and innovative emerging new models, which I integrate into my practice and work with you.

I regularly have specific supervision for all areas of my work, this offers a reflective process in all areas of my work with you, this is to keep the therapy fresh and alive with a very considered, client centred and informed practice, as we work together towards the best possible outcome of the therapeutic work for you.





What to Expect

The first session is an opportunity to explore the focus of the therapeutic work, I will explore with you what brings you to therapy and what you would like to achieve. I use a therapeutic contract which outlines your rights as a client and how we agree to work together. I will take a summary assessment, so I have all the details and context to help assess the models of work best suited to you and how we are going to work together. Subsequent sessions will be a process of working together through the obstacles and blocks preventing you from living or experiencing your life as you wish.

Session frequency

Sessions are offered on a weekly or fortnightly basis. A specific time and day will be agreed, this session time will then be held solely for you whilst we are working together. Sometimes there are work, life changes or commitments that can impact an agreed session time, I will always do my best to accommodate changes to sessions and if another day/time is needed this is something we would negotiate together.

time & cost


Sessions are offered on hourly or on a one-and-a-half-hour basis, the cost per hour is £70.00 for one and a half hours it’s £90.00. I do offer a reduced rate between £45 to £60 based on your income. Please be aware I only have a few reduced rate session slots available, so I’m unable to always offer a reduced rate.

Availability & session format



I offer sessions in person from my Barnstaple office as well as online:

Tuesday & Wednesday – 8am to 4.45pm

Friday morning – 8am to 12pm.

I offer online and phone sessions on a Thursday from 10am to 7.30pm.

Payment infomation



Payment for sessions is required the day before your session, if paying by bank transfer or direct debit, if paying by cash this is required at the end of session. Direct debits are often an easier way of managing payments with the demands of everyday life. If payment isn’t received, then I will not always be able to offer the next session until payment is made. I really hold no pleasure in chasing payments, so I ask that this is taken into consideration


Long & short term work



I offer long and short-term therapy. The minimum number of sessions I offer for short term work is 6 sessions. Working to a longer timeframe can be agreed on an individual basis, to open ended or an agreed length of time. Sometimes clients find they have completed a piece of work and ready to end their therapy and later something else turns up and we take up for as long as needed or agreed. I work from the principle that the door is always open.




The Castle Centre

Room G

25 Castle Street


EX31 1DR

Mobile: 07717855014 – E-Mail: j.randall@moving-forwards.co.uk